Award Books

Missouri State Award Books 

*3rd, 4th and 5th grade students must read at least 4 nominees to vote for the GKC or Mark Twain Award

2017-18 4th and 5th grade students can click here to access quizzes. You will need the code BUBR71 to join the 2017-18 mark twain award book google classroom

If you take quizzes over the summer, enter 'other' for teacher name.

4th and 5th grade 


link to Mark Twain award


2017 Winner:

A Million Ways Home 

by Dianna Dorisi-Winget

    Mark Twain Award    

3rd grade 


link to Great Kids Can Read


2017 WINNER:

The Chicken Squad

By Doreen Cronin

    Great Kids Can Read    

1st and 2nd grade


link to Show Me Readers Award


2017 Winner:

Strongheart: The World's First Movie Star Dog

    Show Me Readers Award    




2017 Winner:Bunnies!!

by Kevin Atteberry

    Missouri Building Block Award