2018-19 Musical schedule

Tiffany Ridge musicals
musicalAll musicals will be in the Tiffany Ridge gymnasium. They will start at 6:30pm and all students will need to report to their classrooms at 6:15pm that evening.

5th--Oct. 18 (daytime performance at 9:45am)
4th--Nov. 15 (daytime performance at 11:25am)
3rd--Dec. 11 (daytime performance at 2:30pm)
2nd--Jan. 24 (daytime performance at 10:35am)
1st--Feb. 21 (daytime performance at 12:50pm)
Kinder--March 12 (daytime performance at 1:40pm)

If you have any questions or will be unable to attend please contact Mrs. Fiudo, fiudom@parkhill.k12.mo.us. This is a portion of their music grade.