Global Cardboard Challenege

Global Cardboard Challenge Day
cardboard challengeGlobal Cardboard Challenge 2019
Thursday, Oct. 3rd  (early release day)

What students need and can bring:
*Easy to cut cardboard for their project
*Only send in what they need and ONE extra box--start bringing in cardboard on Sept. 16th
*School will provide tape
*No toys, paint, candy, etc...
*Work will be done in wolf packs and eat lunch as a school in their classrooms from 11:25-12:10--Sack lunches only!
*Projects should be able to fit in student's laps-anything larger will not be sent home

Volunteers needed to cut, tape, and encourage our artists! Volunteers will be placed in the Wolf Pack that their students are in. If a volunteer has multiple students, their volunteer time would be split between the wolf packs.