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photo of Ms. Andes

Leslie Andes is the School Counselor for Tiffany Ridge Elementary. She started in this position in 2018. Her previous position was in the Topeka Public School District as a school counselor. Prior to this, she was employed at Hallmark Cards for 20 years. Ms. Andes earned her Masters in Counseling in May of 2017 and has a Bachelors degree in Psychology.

Ms. Andes has one son, Jackson, who attends Plaza Middle School. They have an Australian Shepherd named Penny and a rescue cat named Alley. Ms. Andes enjoys spending summers by the water and out in the sun. She also likes to read, play tennis and crochet.

There are more resources at Student and Family Support on the district website. 


Leslie Andes

Tiffany Ridge Comprehensive Counseling Program